About Us

Burcuaslan is an online brand that brings together its high quality, luxurious, design-oriented women's clothing and accessory collections on the online platform only with its private customers. Based on the principle of “Less is more” , the essential feature of the brand is that the orders are prepared one by one after the order confirmation stage and delivered to any country in the world within 10 work days via DHL, a specialized shipping company. The most prominent feature of the collections is them being produced for limited number of people and limited production, and only black and white pieces are produced. All of the collections can be perfectly combined with each other, regardless of season and period.

All of the designs belong to the company founder and creative director Burcu Aslan, who creates it with international industry experience of 18 years. The products are professionally manufactured by the expert team, in the private workshop of the brand. You can access the new collections of Burcuaslan only at burcuaslan.shop  online store. In addition, the designer meets with her customers at Burcu Aslan Showroom located in Şişli / Istanbul where she provides exclusive styling consultancy services.

To make the phenomenon of dressing more meaningful with its minimalist, experimental, timeless, aggressive and strong stance, the brand is active since 2010 in the online sales platform “burcuaslan.shop “, continuing making unique touches to the lives of special women.